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Warwick RAG Week 2011

Warwick RAG Week LogoThis week is RAG week at Warwick! RAG is for Raising And Giving and every year students around the country dedicate a week to fundraising through various activities.

Monday 14 November marked the start of Warwick’s annual event. The Student’s Union put on a series of activities ranging from evening events to delivering roses and chocolates to students in lectures, each with a price.

Last year RAG week raised over £4,500 but student organisers also hold activities throughout the year including sponsored Hitchhikes, weekly Pub Quizzes, cycle rides from London to Paris and some members even climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro for charity.

Last year they raised a total of over £108,000 which went to a variety of charities, including The Sure Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Coventry Refugee Centre.