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Warwick International Development Summit 2011

WIDSThe Warwick International Development Summit (WIDS) is being held on 18-20 November with students and key speakers identifying and exploring some of the challenges facing the world.

WIDS is organised by the International Development Society, a student society at the University of Warwick that aims to engage students with global development and provide a platform to enable them to become actively involved.

This year’s themes include green economics; climate change; corruption and transparency; and aid. The speakers include UNICEF representatives, economists, academics, members of political parties and activists:

  • Dr Branko Milanovic - Lead economist in the World Bank’s Research Department in the Unit dealing with Poverty and Inequality.
  • Professor Dr. Peter Eigen - Founder of Transparency International.
  • John Hilary - Executive Director of War on Want.
  • Jon Sopel - BBC Television Presenter and Correspondent and host of the Politics Show.
  • Dr Azza Karam - Seniour Advisor on Culture at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
  • Owen Bennett Jones - BBC World Service, Syria and Lebanon Correspondent.
  • Nic Marks - Statistician and Founder of the Centre for Well-being at the New Economics Foundation.
  • Linda Polman - Freelance journalist and author of “War Games: The Modern History of Aid”.
  • Kate Nustedt - UK Executive Director for Women for Women International.
  • Tim Gore - Climate Change Policy advisor for Oxfam UK.
  • Anna Theofilopoulou - Former UN official in the department of Political Affairs.

For the full list of speakers, the timetable of events and to buy tickets visit the WIDS website.