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Special Podcast Series

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T2K Work at Warwick

From the beginning of 2010, the T2K experiment will fire a beam of muon-neutrinos from Tokai on Japan's east coast, 300km accross the country to a detector at Kamioka. It hopes to investigate the phenomenon of "neutrino oscillations" by looking for "muon neutrinos" oscillating into "electron neutrinos".

There are 62 institutes across 12 different countries contributing to the T2K experiment. Within this broad collaboration Warwick has made some important and significant contributions towards construction, quality assurance, calibration hardware and software analysis.
Thu 14 Jan 2010, 10:39 | Tags: Sciences

Investigating Chemistry

Nick Barker takes a closer look at current chemical research, following processes and scientific methods in action, meeting the scientist themselves and their hypothesis driven research.
Mon 05 Jan 2009, 12:54 | Tags: Sciences

A Short History of Symmetry

A short history of symmetryIn this podcast series Professor Ian Stewart of Warwick's Department of Mathematics explores the history of symmetry and its impact on mathematics, physics and our understanding of the Universe.
Fri 04 May 2007, 14:06 | Tags: Sciences