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University of Warwick's Arts Centre Takes Centre Stage in Coventry Rugby's 150th Anniversary Kit Launch Video

The University of Warwick's Arts Centre has become the backdrop for Coventry Rugby's much-anticipated limited edition 150th-anniversary kit launch video. This unique collaboration celebrates the rich history of Coventry Rugby and its deep-rooted connection with the city.

In a montage dedicated to the rugby club's ties with Coventry, second-row forward Obi Nkwocha takes on a surprising role as he skilfully plays the piano within the Warwick Arts Centre. The video captures the essence of Coventry's cultural and sporting heritage, bringing together the city's artistic and rugby prowess.

Warwick Arts Centre was selected as the setting for the piano segments, as the grand piano is situated in the foyer area for anyone to use and enjoy. As a hub for creativity and cultural expression, the Arts Centre has played a role in shaping the artistic landscape of the region. This collaboration highlights the convergence of sports and arts, celebrating the diverse facets of Coventry's identity.

Dan Lewis, Content and Communications manager at Coventry Rugby, said: “It was a real pleasure to use the space at the Arts Centre in the creation of the video as we continue to grow the relationship between the club and the University of Warwick.

“This project was about celebrating 150 years of being so much more than just a rugby club, and for that the location was perfect. Filming in the heart of the arts centre gave us a real connection to the city and we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity.”

Doreen Foster, Director of Warwick Arts Centre, said: "It was a real pleasure to welcome Coventry Rugby into the centre to use the space and the grand piano for their kit launch to mark 150 years of the club. The Arts Centre is open to all, and this collaboration provided a wonderful opportunity to build new bridges between arts and sport."

Coventry Rugby's kit launch video, set against the backdrop of Warwick Arts Centre, serves as a testament to the shared history and enduring spirit of Coventry. The collaboration underscores the importance of cultural institutions like Warwick Arts Centre in shaping the narrative of a city, uniting diverse elements that make Coventry truly exceptional.

Earlier this year, Warwick opened a new ‘home’ in the heart of Venice – as part of an ambitious £100m programme of investment in the arts and humanities.

That included a major £42m upgrade of Warwick’s acclaimed Arts Centre, the largest outside of London, while new arts and humanities courses have been added to its prospectus to meet growing demand.


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Tue 14 Nov 2023, 08:00 | Tags: Warwick Arts Centre, Rugby