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Eleven young researchers selected to help Warwick deliver ambitious research strategy

Eleven young researchers selected to help Warwick deliver ambitious research strategy

The University of Warwick has been chosen to host eleven of 2019’s Leverhulme Early Career Fellows – just under ten per cent of the national total.

Early Career Fellowships are awarded to enable young researchers to undertake a research project, under the supervision of a Warwick academic mentor, which will lead to publishable results and help them get a foothold on the academic career ladder. 

The Leverhulme Trust provides half of the funding for each fellowship; the remainder is provided by the University of Warwick.

The young researchers awarded Early Career Fellowships at Warwick are:-

 Dr Tobias Barker, Warwick Mathematics Institute. Dr Barker will tackle fundamental unsolved mathematical questions around the Navier-Stokes equations, which are widely used to model the motion of viscous fluid substances.

 Dr Hannah Boast, English and Comparative Literary Studies. Dr Boast will analyse literary works from countries experiencing water crisis to explore how literature registers or resists dominant ways of managing and imagining water, both reflecting the water crisis and imagining a way out of it.  

• Dr Claudia Daniotti, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance. Dr Daniotti will explore the depiction of women, including figures from ancient myth, history and the Old Testament, in French and Italian texts and images from c. 1350 to 1620. These women were often portrayed as defying traditionally assigned gender roles and Dr Daniotti’s work will evaluate how this helped shape female identities between the medieval and early modern periods.

• Dr Minkyung Kang, Department of Chemistry. Dr Kang will investigate and help expand current understandings and viability of CO2 recycling through artificial photosynthesis, a technique which directly converts atmospheric CO2 to sustainable fuels and value-added chemicals - transforming light energy into chemical energy.

• Dr Katie Moffat, School of Theatre & Performance Studies and Cultural & Media Policy Studies. Dr Moffat will explore how the media industry has become one of the most important vehicles for articulating indigenous people’s rights and interests, with a specific focus on the relationships between the Norwegian-based International Sámi Film Institute and other indigenous media organisations.

• Dr Imogen Peck, History. Dr Peck will undertake the first dedicated study of annotations inscribed in almanacs - annual publications listing events in the forthcoming year - in Britain and North America during the early modern period. The annotations include financial records, reinterpretations of historical events and local gossip, and their study will reframe how we understand ordinary citizens as participants in history.

• Dr Julia Perez, School of Theatre & Performance Studies and Cultural & Media Policy Studies.  Dr Perez will undertake the first major study of the performative dimension of Anglo-American relations, combining archival research and performance analysis to expand the emerging interdisciplinary field of politics and performance research.

• Dr Bethany Rex, School of Theatre & Performance Studies and Cultural & Media Policy Studies. Dr Rex will investigate the how local authority museum services in England are changing following the introduction of austerity measures in 2010.

• Dr Shiwani Singh, Warwick Mathematics Institute. Dr Singh will use her Fellowship to develop an approximation-free and computationally efficient multi-scale modelling approach for polymer solutions.

• Dr Justin Tackett, English and Comparative Literary Studies. Dr Tackett’s research will develop the first comprehensive poetics of silent film, focusing on the period from 1880 to 1930.  Using digital analysis of title cards, scripts and patents, he will explore how everyday practices of reading, memorizing, and performing nineteenth-century poetry guided film’s development.

• Dr Javier Moreno Zacarés, Politics and International Studies Department. Dr Zacarés will trace the impact of urbanisation, tenure structures, mortgage markets, and the Eurozone on the formation of housing bubbles in three European countries, contributing to the study of the political economy of housing.

Congratulating the eleven new Fellows, Professor Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick, said: “It is inspiring to see the breadth and scope of these research projects – from the rights of indigenous people to the housing bubble via the water crisis and planetary warming, each of these topics fulfils our mission of creating research with impact and purpose which will help transform the way that we understand the world.

“I look forward to finding out more as each of these projects unfolds.”

Professor Jackie Hodgson, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, (Arts, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinarity) said: “We are committed to interdisciplinary, curiosity-driven research that will engage with and help to solve global challenges. We cannot achieve this vision unless we attract the very best young researchers to work with us, and we look forward to seeing what our new Early Career Fellows achieve.”

Professor Pam Thomas, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) added: “We are absolutely delighted that the Leverhulme Trust has made eleven awards to young academics who want to undertake innovative and transformative research here at Warwick. It is a testament to the University’s commitment to supporting world-class researchers at every stage of their career.”

The Leverhulme Trust was established by the Will of William Hesketh Lever, the founder of Lever Brothers. Since 1925 the Trust has provided grants and scholarships for research and education. Today, it is one of the largest all-subject providers of research funding in the UK, distributing approximately £80m a year.

4 July 2019

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