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Warwick University announces new trial to measure air quality on campus

Bosch Climio device

  • As part of Clean Air Day 2019 the University of Warwick announces the monitoring of the air on campus for two years to see what it’s like and if changes are needed.
  • Two sites on the University's Warwickshire campus will be monitored by a new device created by Bosch called CLIMO.
  • The device will detect particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air.
  • The monitoring of air and use of the Bosch device fits in with the Government’s clean air action plan

The University of Warwick is trialling CLIMO, a new device made by Bosch that measures air quality, launching today, 20th June 2019 – UK clean air day.

Two of the devices will be put on two different sites of the campus, one by University House and one by the Piazza.

The CLIMO boxes (the size of a shoebox) sit 4m up in the air on a lamppost and collect data about the particulates and VOCs in the air.

Joel Cardinal, Head of Energy and Sustainability at the University of Warwick comments:

“Being able to trial the CLIMO for Bosch will be an interesting opportunity for us to investigate, as a campus, how good our air quality currently is, and if improvements may be needed.

“We’ve already looked at ways to fit in with the Government’s clean air action plan by moving the car parks to the outsides of the campus. Using the devices in two different spots will help identify other areas that may need improving.”

Rob Lillywhite from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick adds:

“We will be able to use the air quality data in a number of different ways. Personally, I will use it to support my environmental sciences teaching, but other students have expressed interest in using the data for History projects and I’m sure other areas will be explored over the course of the next couple of years.

“It would be great to see more Universities measuring their air quality so we could compare them and see what areas may need improvements.”







Alice Scott

Media Relations Manager

University of Warwick