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WHO Director-General to speak at Europe’s largest Student-Run international forum, Warwick Economics Summit

The Warwick Economics Summit, Europe's largest entirely student-run international forum, is gearing up for another exceptional year of thought-provoking discussions and unparalleled insights.

Completely organised and run by a team of 65 students, the three-day event attracts talented university students from across the globe to engage with some of the world's most revered and inspirational speakers.

Scheduled to take place from February 2nd, the summit transcends the boundaries of economics, delving into the broader realms of the social sciences, including international relations, and politics, reaching even further to STEM subjects. This student-driven initiative has evolved into a dynamic platform that goes beyond academic discourse, fostering a holistic understanding of global issues.

The Warwick Economics Summit will host a range of distinguished speakers including: Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

  • 1997 Nobel Economics winner, Professor Myron Scholes
  • 1996 Nobel Peace Prize winner and President of Timor-Leste, Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta
  • CEO of the Financial Times Group, John Ridding
  • Governor of the Bank of Portugal, Mario Centeno
  • Governor of the Croatian National Bank, Boris Vujčić

Some themes that will be covered at WES2024 include the future of food, global biosecurity, de-dollarisation, inflation and broader macroeconomic trends for the year ahead.

Overall, the summit will host over 30 presenting guests who are leaders in different sectors, providing a diverse and inclusive discourse. The conference will also host 220 University of Warwick students in addition to 220 external delegates from 9 different countries and over 32 institutions, magnifying the reach of the discussions held at the event.

WES2024 will pursue the legacy of its previous hybrid edition and will offer the opportunity for virtual attendees to experience the conference in real time via the summit’s streaming platform.

Inspired by the WHO’s Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ upcoming virtual address and conversation with delegates, the Warwick Economics Summit 2024 will be a critical mark for the start of a global campaign to engage global youth in discussing the future of pandemic prevention.

Charlie Atkins (co-president of WES2024), EPP, Year 3: “I am excited to host conversations between students and the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, reflecting on our losses from the pandemic and what we stand to gain from the Pandemic Accord. This year, supported by the WHO, we are empowering our delegates to share their stories with the hashtag ‘#AreWeReady?’ to drive global change”.

Lancelot Wilson (co-president of WES2024), PPE, Year 3: “WES is a forum for high-calibre CEOs, business leaders, Prime Ministers and Presidents assembling annually to discuss the world's problems. One challenge we faced was ensuring that the summit would be available virtually in a way as accessible as possible for 16–18-year-old delegates. We're lucky to have such a talented tech team whose hard work has produced innovative solutions to the problems we encountered.


The most enjoyable part of organising WES2024 has definitely been, as the date has got closer, seeing it begin to feel more and more concrete […] this year, we are proud to present our first debate event, where four speakers from different sectors and backgrounds will, for an hour, debate the merits of de-dollarisation in front of our audience, who will then have the opportunity to vote”.


Professor Ben Lockwood, Head of Economic department at the University of Warwick , said: "We're very proud of the work our students do in putting together the Warwick Economics Summit, which highlights the high calibre of students here at Warwick. From Presidents to CEOs, Director Generals to Nobel Prize winners, the speakers at the summit are nothing short of world leading.

“The team of students who have organised this should be proud of their achievements, and I look forward to yet another year of hearing important insights from some of the globe's leading economic minds".

The summit promises a diverse and engaging program, featuring panel discussions, keynote addresses, and a careers fair with sponsors and workshops that transcend traditional academic boundaries. Students, academics, and professionals alike are invited to participate in this enriching experience, where networking opportunities abound.

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