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No Longer Poetry: new Romanian Poetry

Heaventree Press will be launching No Longer Poetry in London at the Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, WCI at 6.30pm on Wednesday 9th May 2007.  All welcome.

Editors: David Morley and Leonard-Daniel Aldea
ISBN: 978-0-054881-15-3
Publisher: Heaventree Press
Price: £30/€15

No Longer Poetry is a groundbreaking new anthology of Romanian poetry that presents each poet’s work in the original Romanian and translated into English by the collection’s editors.  Since the fall of communism in 1989 Romanian poetry has underdone dramatic changes as writers struggled to reorient themselves and their work in a country where poetry was perceived as a product of the old world. This anthology contains the work of eleven poets from the core of the first post-Communism generation, and showcases their powerful new voices that affirm a very different kind of literary conscience to that of their predecessors.

Heaventree are delighted to announce that two of the poets – Adrian Urmanov and Elena Vladareanu – will attend the launch and read from the collection: 

  • Elena Vladareanu is renowned for her provocative and intense poetry that juxtaposes images of extreme violence and sexuality with everyday, unimportant ‘un-poetic’ events.
  • Adrian Urmanov’s more recent writing plays with the notion of poetry as a form of manipulation, unashamedly ‘advertising’ the poet’s message and reshaping his ideas over and over for each of his ‘target readers’.
The Editors:

The poet David Morley writes essays, criticism and reviews for The Guardian, Poetry Review and international journals.  He has publishing eight collections of poetry and edited six anthologies of new fiction and poetry, two of which are set texts.  He directs the Warwick Writing Programme at The University of Warwick where he develops new practices in the teaching of creative and scientific writing.

Leonard-Daniel Aldea was born in Ploiesti, Romania.  His debut collection cannonical flesh was published in 2001 and won the Bucharest Writers’ Association debut award.  Other publications include utilitarian poems (2003), skeleton (2004) and cheap literature (2005).

The Publishers:

Heaventree Press is a not-for-profit West Midlands based independent publisher.  Now in the first year of a generous three-year grant from the Arts Council, Heaventree’s other international publications include translated works of Chinese and francophone African poetry, most of which would not be available to English-language readers otherwise.

For further information please contact Lynne Macedo on 024 767 13555 or email .