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Slow-Tech: Manifesto For An Overwound World

The modern world has put its faith in high-tech processes that has left it weakened and ill-equipped to withstand catastrophe. Collateral damage has been immense, made worse by pressures from a swelling population.

Slow-Tech argues for a world with greater robustness - something that is possible in surprisingly simple ways. Unexpected and counter-intuitive yet convincing and timely, Slow-Tech offers an alternative vision for life in the twenty-first century – a rounded vision of balance and robustness that would be healthier for the planet – and healthier for us. 

Principles of Slow-Tech

  • The efficiency delusion: a quick fix and the quest for ever-greater performance isn’t always the best solution.
  • Low-tech remedies – including the simple expedient of adding time – still have a place, even in the rushed, modern world.
  • Don’t get rid of the ‘inessential’. Having something in reserve, and other means of avoiding catastrophic failures, empowers both the present and the future.
  • Indispensable whiz: robustness helps ensure smooth-running in nature, in what we do and in things we create, reducing the need for human intervention.
  • Environmental damage is not ‘free’, and should be compensated for: a weakened natural environment can be risky for business as well as species.
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