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GRP ID Member is Awarded Warwick IAS Funding

Network member, Dr Jonathan Vickery, of the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, has been awarded Warwick IAS (Institute of Advanced Study) funding from the International Visiting Fellow scheme. He has hosted two previous fellows, both of which have undertaken seminars for networks members and students in International development at Warwick. The forthcoming fellow is Dr Serhan Ada -- an internationally recognised leader in cultural policies for democratisation and development. Dr Ada is currently a UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and Cultural Diplomacy (of only 11 in the world), in Istanbul. He is the founder manager of Istanbul’s unique centre of contemporary culture, SantraIstanbul (now fully owned by Bilgi university). He will be at Warwick for one month starting the 20th of June 2019. As part of his itinerary, he and Dr Vickery will be holding a seminar on international cultural diplomacy at the Warwick Brussels office.

Wed 19 Dec 2018, 09:27 | Tags: news, GRPNews, funding