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Cultural Economies and Cultural Activism

Annual Theme 2014/2015 involved a partnership with the Institute of Advanced Study, supporting a visiting fellowship for Mike van Graan, celebrated South African playwright and UNESCO advisor. An intensive week of activities was organised by Dr Jonathan Vickery, which included public seminars and events for PhD and early career scholars, as well as the Global Cultural Economy Roundtable, for distinguished guests. This involved UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy (Germany), Professor Wolfgang Schneider.

This week of activities was also the occasion to announce the winner of the GRP-ID Annual International Development Photography Competition 2015. A selection of the best entrants from the Competition were exhibited in the GRP-ID Annual International Development Photography Exhibition, held at Millburn House (October 2015 to March 2016). Dr Vickery also organised two further expert seminars: the first was entitled ‘The UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: 10 Years On’ (September 2015) and ‘Symposium: A Sustainable Future through Development Policies for the Creative Industries’.

LGD Special Issue (June, 2016)

In June 2016 LGD Special Issue featured Cultural Economies and Cultural Activism as its main theme. Its purpose is to explore critical issues in the study of the global creative economy, the influence of creative economy on policies for development, and the critical tensions identified by emerging forms of activism. The research theme lasted a whole year, and during that time evolved and provoked some unexpected debates, exchanges and presentations.