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Gender Practitioners

Gender and development from a practitioner's perspective - why should gender matter to development?


Caroline Sweetman, Oxfam, editor of Gender and Development

Gabriella Pinto, Plan International UK’s Gender Adviser

Sarah Lester, Practical Action

Thursday, 2 February 2017, 4pm - 6pm

Room: OC1.09 (Oculus building)

The panel addressed the challenges faced by practitioners working in international development and gender. They also addressed the contribution that they have made in addressing urgent problems and possible opportunities that might arise from tackling certain issues and different perspectives of gender and international development. This event is part of a series focussing on gender inequalities and transforming gender relations and how this can contribute to the international development agenda. The panel included three practitioners working in three different non governmental international organisations with special interest in gender issues and/or international development.

Thanks everyone for attending it was great to have you to hear and engage with our panel!