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Rights & Social Justice

The last quarter of the 20th century saw the development of a robust international discourse around human rights, the product often of wide ranging activism by civil society organisations and campaigners. This rights discourse which puts the individual subject centre stage now informs the way in which international development is understood. The objective of much development policy is the promotion of freedom and the expansion of choice. Rights and development are closely interwoven but has the focus on rights contributed to reducing the emphasis on social and economic injustices particularly in a global market place?

Scholars at Warwick provide a critical appraisal of these developments from a range of perspectives and engage with rights in a variety of ways. They consider the relationship between development, human rights and global justice, including the power to govern and to resist domination. They are involved with a variety of collaborative research and teaching projects involving a range of networks across countries and regions.

Research Networks across Warwick University

Health and Human Rights

The Health And Human Rights Research group involves staff from several departments (including HSS, Law, Sociology, WBS, WMS and Politics). It aims tolink with existing research interests and expertise at the University related to health and human rightssupport the development of multi-disciplinary research in the emerging field of health and human rights.

Centre for Human Rights Research & Practice

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice was created in 2006. It now provides a focus for academics, students, practitioners and activists who wish to advance the study and promotion of human rights at local, national and international levels.

Centre for Studies in Democratisation

The Centre for Studies in Democratisation (CSD) was established at the University of Warwick in 1992 in response to a growing interest in the study of democracy at a theoretical and empirical level. Democratisation has become a central political theme and features now prominently on the foreign policy agenda of many Western states. The CSD seeks to understand why, how and when democracies emerge, sustain or collapse and investigates the reasons why democratisation can sometimes be problematic. The CSD is part of an extensive international network.

Ethics in International Development

IERG's Ethics in International Development research programme works with academic partners and development practitioners to explore a wide range of ethical and justice issues arising in a development context.