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Private Sector

Sustained economic growth – the most effective way to raise living standards – needs a vibrant private sector that can create jobs and generate tax revenue to fund vital public services. Warwick researchers are studying how market forces in developing countries impede private sector development. Their aim is to improve academic understanding and to influence policies.

Current Private Sector (International Development) Research Centres at Warwick University

Centre for Competitive Advantage in Global Economy

CAGE is a research centre in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick. The centre’s research programme is focused on how countries succeed in achieving key economic objectives such as improving living standards, raising productivity, and maintaining international competitiveness, which are central to the economic wellbeing of their citizens. Their research analyses the reasons for economic outcomes both in developed economies like the UK and emerging economies such as China and India and explores how markets, institutions, and public policies interact to create and sustain competitive advantage in a changing global economy, how such advantage evolves over time, and how it influences growth, deprivation and well-being both in the short and the long run.

Warwick Economics Research Institute

The aims of WERI are to promote directly and indirectly research in economics and interdisciplinary research that has an economic aspect.