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Social Mobility Student Research Hub

How can we improve access to, and participation in, research, for students from under-represented groups?

The principal aim of the project was to create a ‘Social Mobility Student Research Hub’ to improve access to, and participation in, research, for students from currently under-represented groups, including those of low socio-economic backgrounds.

How did the Hub work?

The team, led by Dr Damien Homer and Dr Tammy Thiele from Widening Participation at Warwick, were awarded funding from the Enhancing Research Culture Fund, which was allocated to student researchers and PGR student mentors.

Student researchers were given a stipend £1,100, spread over three instalments, whilst PGR mentors were paid an hourly rate.

The student researchers were supported by four PGR mentors, who in turn were also supported by the project team.

The PGR mentors met with the student researchers on a regular basis as they went through their research journeys.

Over a six-month period, students took part in workshops and other events, with their final outputs shown at a conference in September 2022.

What were the outputs?

The product resulted in several key outputs, including:

  • Written reports

  • Literature reviews

  • Podcasts

  • Documentary videos

  • Posters

How have students shared their work?

A conference was held on 12 September 2022 where all participants were able to share their research findings to a wider audience.

Further opportunities

Student researchers are encouraged to put an abstract in for consideration at other conferences, or seek publication, examples include:

  • International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

  • The British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR)

  • World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR)

  • Publish you work: ‘Reinvention’ is an online,
    peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to the publication
    of high-quality undergraduate student research

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Image credit: Hollis Photography

Principal Investigators: Dr Damien Homer and Dr Tammy Thiele, Widening Participation


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