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2022 Student Projects

Student Projects

The project students developed through the Research Hub used different approaches and covered various themes related to social mobility, inequalities, diversity, and inclusion. Please see below and click on the links to look at their reports, videos, podcasts, and posters!

Student Life at University

Navigating Imposter Syndrome at Russell Group Universities

by Jorja Oladiran and Effe Hozaifeh

An Exploration of the Relationship between Physical Spaces and Accommodation on Campus and Student Experience

by Olivia Collins

Download this report here

Does the School shape the Student?

by Kieran Barry and Thalia Sheriff-Horner

Download this report here

Inequalities in Access, Higher Education and Beyond

Higher Education and Future Outcomes: The Impact of Class and Ethnicity on the Choices Made by Individuals

by Drishti Patel


Ethnic Disparities in Higher Education

by Abbas Zaidi

Download this report here

Has a perception of classlessness institutionalised inequalities in the UK?

by Caitlin Hoyland

Download this report here

The effectiveness of games in improving language teaching in socioeconomically deprived areas

by Kaitlyn Williams

Download this report here

In what ways have the Garífuna attempted to preserve their history, and what signs of success can we observe in their communities today?

by Ebun Adebanjo

Download this report here

Student Inclusion and Wellbeing

How are Students with Special Education Needs Supported with Accessing Higher Education?

by Michael Cavaliere

Download this report here

How Can Universities Prevent Working-Class Students from Withdrawing from Their Degrees?

by Yasmin Rahman

Download this report here

Warwick on Wheel Podcast

by Ellie Upton

Download this podcast here