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About Us

We carry out or support a variety of data analyses, provide advice on designing workflows of experiments and computational analyses, set up web-based applications and databases, facilitate biomedical use of high-performance computing and provide training in a range of Bioinformatics skills. Each member has unique skills and together we will add value to the data you obtain from experiments.

Radar plot cropped

Professor Sascha Ott

I am an expert in designing experimental-computational workflows to address specific biomedical questions. I am most familiar with RNA-seq and ATAC-seq (as bulk or single-cell data), but also have experience working with other data types such as DNA-seq, ribosomal profiling, MeDIP-seq, or ChIP-seq data. I have been involved in a range of research projects including comparative genomics of non-coding DNA, research into miscarriages, cancer research, plant biology projects, and others. My research lab's home-page is here.


Richard Stark

I have been working as a Bioinformatician in Life Sciences for two years and before that in industry (Unilever, Oxford Gene Technology , Mars) as a researcher and service provider for more than 10 years. My work has allowed me to become involved in a variety of interesting research projects in toxicology, medical research and assay design. A common theme across these projects has been using bespoke statistical methods and analysis pipelines to extract inferences from genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomics and diverse other datasets.



Dr Chrystala Constantinidou

I am a microbiologist with an interest in genomics, transcriptional regulation and microbial pathogenesis. I have extensive experience in the application of emerging technologies such as high-throughput sequencing in wide ranging microbiology projects addressing both fundamental biology and clinically relevant questions. Although my background is experimental biology I also have experience working with a variety of genomics data analysis pipelines. My research lab’s home page is here.


Dr Paul Brown

My background is in experimental biology, but my research interest today is in the development of user-friendly sustainable scientific software for data acquisition, analysis and modelling. I have developed a number of web-based bioinformatics tools and can offer bespoke software services. I can also advise on and implement HPC cluster workflows.


photograph of Laura Baxter

Dr Laura Baxter

My scientific background is in molecular microbiology, and I have over 15 years experience as a bioinformatician. I've worked on a diverse range of projects within different biological systems, including plant-microbe interactions, genome assembly and annotation, comparative genomics, transcriptomics, variant detection and cancer diagnostics. Whether using existing tools, or developing bespoke methods and software, I can help you gain novel insights from your data.


Nigel Dyer

Dr Nigel Dyer

After spending 25 years in industry working on telecommunication system design and development, I completed a bioinformatics PhD at the University of Warwick and have subsequently spent 10 years as a bioinformatician at Warwick. I have contributed to a range of research projects covering subjects as diverse as recurrent miscarriages, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the relationship between RNA structure and ribosomal translation. I have specialised in creating bespoke applications and pipelines that are tailored to specific and sometimes unexpected requirements of the research projects, building on my software design experience in industry.