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We can deploy web-based databases and tools for you and also help with installation/running of software on high-performance systems, see some examples below.

Software to use on High-Performance Computing Systems

For any queries relating to use and/or installation of software on HPC systems please contact the Bioinformatics RTP. Please check information under FAQs and Hardware as well.

Databases and web-tools hosted by us

an integrated software environment supporting the identification of global population structures within several bacterial genera that include pathogens.
explore phylogenomics of phytobacteria. This system is based on EnteroBase software and hardware. As part of an ongoing funded project, tools used by the phytobacterial community are going to be added to PhytoBacExplorer.
WaspAtlas: a Nasonia vitripennis gene database hosted in collaboration with University of Haifa.
MEME-LaB: MEME Launcher and Browser. Provides an interface to run MEME on a range of gene clusters and browse the resulting motifs.
EARS: Evolutionary Analysis of Regulatory Sequences. Detects alignment-conserved regions in promoter sequences.
Paired Motif Enrichment Tool (PMET): A tool for finding enrichment of pairs of transcription factor binding motifs within a set of sequences.

Software provided for local use

Local installation of AlphaFold to predict a protein’s 3D structure from its amino acid sequence.