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We can deploy web-based databases and tools for you, see some examples below.

Databases and web-tools hosted by us

EnteroBase: an integrated software environment supporting the identification of global population structures within several bacterial genera that include pathogens.
WaspAtlas: a Nasonia vitripennis gene database hosted in collaboration with University of Haifa.
MEME-LaB: MEME Launcher and Browser. Provides an interface to run MEME on a range of gene clusters and browse the resulting motifs.
EARS: Evolutionary Analysis of Regulatory Sequences. Detects alignment-conserved regions in promoter sequences.
PMET: A tool for finding enrichment of pairs of transcription factor binding motifs within a set of sequences.

Software provided for local use

RStudio Server: For running heavy jobs on one of our high-performance machines (1 terabyte of RAM!) while using R's graphical user interface. Contact us to use it.
Local installation of AlphaFold to predict a protein’s 3D structure from its amino acid sequence.