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Research Software Engineering Hub

Research software engineers (RSEs) support the use and development of code and software in research. At Warwick, we have a broad community of RSEs and other professionals engaged in research computing, based in specialist RSE groups or embedded in research departments.

This hub is a place to find out about:

  • Key groups of research software engineers (RSEs) at Warwick - their work and any services they provide.
  • General resources to support professional development in research software engineering.
  • Local events on research software engineering and related topics.
  • How to request RSE time from one of the groups listed below.

Research Computing RSEs

Formerly IDG Technology for Research, this team can collaborate on research projects and advise on and provide tools and training around digital methods, especially in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Scientific Computing RSEs

The RSE group in the Scientific Computing Research Technology Platform (SCRTP) is there to provide support for software development with a focus on computationally intensive calculations. The group also provides training on a variety of intermediate and advanced topics in software development.

Bioinformatics RTP

Bioinformatics RTP hold expertise in software engineering and biomedical data analysis, in particular recent high-throughput data types. The group are happy to provide advice, one-to-one training, or mentoring for software development.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies RSEs

CIM have an active team of RSEs with diverse skills ranging from computational methods to dataset and infrastructure expertise.

Warwick Business School RSEs

WBS have a team of two RSEs situated within the WBS Research Office.

RSE Resources, Community and Engagement

Access RSE resources, connect with the RSE Community and request RSE time.