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Project Associate RSEs

Any Warwick University staff member or postgraduate student whose job involves a Software Development component, can request Project Associate RSE status using this form. We run a mailing list of items of interest to working Research Software Engineers, and can offer (limited) code review, and first choice of new training courses. In return, we hope you'd consider contributing blog postings, suggestions or contributions to training materials or offering advice via our support forum.

We hope to use this as a mechanism to build a community of researchers at Warwick who support or develop scientific software, developing and sharing best practices and training material across the University, and forming a repository of knowledge and resources to benefit all researchers.

Current Members

Ayman Boustati, PhD student, Warwick Mathematics Institute. Works on machine learning research including developing machine learning software.

Ben Morgan, Senior Research Fellow, Elementary Particle Physics Group. Supports software development for the group, contributes to the Geant4 particle-matter interaction toolkit, manages the local build system for this.