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RSE Provision Quick-Reference

This page provides a rough guide to levels of support available through the RSE group and how to get them. For more details, see the main page.

Free support

The following are provided university-wide:

Your Group/Department funds general RSE

The following are likely to be things we can address without formal arrangement (secondment/consultancy):

  • Training course delivery on demand - contact us to discuss at resource.rse{@}
  • Quick advice by email on a variety of topics - general contact form
  • HPC access assistance: what's available and how to apply for time - general contact form

You have general RSE support money

If you have, have applied for, or plan to apply for, grants containing general RSE support we can additionally offer:

  • Training courses on requested topics - contact us to discuss at resource.rse{@}
  • More involved questions like those in the previous segment - general contact form

Services requiring formal funding

These require full funding by negotiation with the RSE group and subsequent successful award:

  • Contact us about submitting a grant - contact form
  • When relevant funding appears, we intend to run calls for proposals for RSE time

External RSE Contracts

We also offer consultancy in High Performance Computing and Technical Software Development via the University of Warwick's Scientific Services platform. Details of this can be found here (software development) and here (HPC)