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Cheat Sheets (Quick Refs)

This page has links to our stash of "Cheat Sheets" or Quick References for various languages and libraries. More coming soon!

Use these, or use them to build your own focusing on the bits you need reminding of!


Numerical Operators and Common Functions - the basic arithmetic operations and a list of common special functions (trig, truncation, Bessel etc).

Types and Kinds - basic types, selected kinds, old ways to specify kinds.

Logical Operators - comparing strings and numbers, comparing Boolean types, F77 era symbol free variants.

Strings - all about Fortran strings and how to use them

Format Strings - format specifiers (descriptions of how input/output should be formatted) with examples.

Old Fortran - examples of Fortran 77 (some older) and what they mean. Note: currently needs login to download