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Introduction to Software Development (short)

Software Development covers everything from planning code, debugging and testing it, to distributing it to peers and users. This 3-hour seminar (first run October 2018) is designed to introduce all of these topics, as a basis for further reading or other courses. For instance, our related 2-day workshop (materials here) guides you through more details of these concepts, with examples and exercises.

To use these slides, you should know how to write and run basic programs or scripts in either Fortran, C (or C++), Python or another language. There is also a collection of Further Reading links below. For the parts you find relevant or interesting, these are a good place to start.

Slides and Material:

Slides (October 2018) (Updated 26/10/18 with extra slides on Documentation)

Glossary of software development terms

Bug catalogue pdf

Further Reading: