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SCRTP Linux Desktop

IMPORTANT: The Linux Desktop/taskfarm facility is being prepared for a full update to the new operating system Rocky Linux release 9.1 (Blue Onyx). Part of the reason for this is to provide a more modern infrastructure. This page refers to the older CentOS 7 desktop. The upgrade is currently being rolled out and once generally available this course will be updated - for now please bear with us.

The following sections cover all the parts of the Linux Desktop. They are roughly ordered, but are intended to be read piece-wise. Most sections have an accompanying video walk-through, and exercises: you are recommended to do as many (or as few) of these as you need to familiarise yourself with the system. If you are a Warwick PhD student, you may sign-up on SkillsForge and fill in this form to verify your completion. Note: No completion for credit is available at the moment.

Go here to sign up for an SCRTP Linux account (if you have already completed signup, ignore this link)

You will probably want to skim this before starting and refer back to it at times for more information

Introduction to the desktop

A brief introduction to the basic navigation commands

How to get help, both from the command line and externally

How to access other machines from your desktop

More about the shell

Observing things running

Using and installing additional software

Summary of this module

Quick quiz covering the module content

Miscellaneous Segments

The following are some snippets of information linked by the notes above, collected here for reference. They are not designed to be read in any order, but should be referred to for more advanced or detailled information as and when required.