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Remote Access to Computers

This video series covers getting access to computers that you are physically remote from. It is intended to provide an introduction on how you can get access to a remote computer (including remote clusters and High Performance Computing systems) whether you are working from a Windows, MacOS or Linux client.

NOTE: we fast-tracked these videos in light of the current situation, so please excuse any rough edges. Any errors or significant omissions, please contact rse{@}


Youtube Playlist for RSE walkthrough including the basics, remote access on Windows etc:

Details of using the Warwick SCRTP cluster systems are here (SCRTP account required - signup and access requirements here - ITS signin required)


For support on the contents of the videos, you can contact us at resource.rse{@}

For issues accessing or using the SCRTP desktop and clusters, read the docs here, and hereLink opens in a new window or use Bugzilla to submit a support request