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Our Services


Warwick Scientific Services (WSS) enables external users to access the University of Warwick’s world-class research equipment and expertise. By linking industry with our expert analysts and state-of-the-art infrastructure we can boost innovation, drive advantage and provide solutions to real-world problems.

We can provide:

  • Measurement, analysis and imaging services
  • Interpretation and verification of results
  • Bespoke training
  • Contract research

In areas including:

  • Materials characterisation
  • Structural, surface and elemental analysis
  • Polymer synthesis and characterisation
  • Biological measurement and analysis

Industry clients

Our industry clients range from start-ups and SMEs to consultancy firms and global product manufacturers. Our experts can help you understand your materials, products and systems to improve performance, increase competitiveness and enhance sustainability. We work with industry across a wide range of sectors including:

                                  • Materials development and product manufacturing
                                  • Chemical manufacturing
                                  • Energy efficiency
                                  • Pharmaceutics and biotechnology

Academic institutions

Our facilities are also available to external academic researchers, whether you need access to a specific piece of equipment or to discuss options around a complex problem.

Giving businesses and academia access to the latest thinking, knowledge and analysis equipment in the field, WSS aims to foster innovation in research and development while facilitating relationships to inspire further collaboration.

Access the WSS Portal

As a client we will create an account for you on our secure online portal which enables you to see the progress of your investigations and access your results. We also provide quick turnaround of contracting via our portal, with an NDA and MTA included as part of our standard terms and conditions for your convenience. If you already have an account, you can log in here.