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Engineering and Mechanical Testing

Solar cell testing

We have a wide range of specialist facilities which can support engineering challenges and testing. Please contact Claire Gerard ( ) and we will connect you with a specialist to discuss your requirements.


The cleanroom facility is a semiconductor fabrication laboratory in the School of Engineering where air is filtered to 1000 times normal quality. The facility is equipped with lithography, etching, deposition, oxidation, annealing and testing capabilities.

Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies

We have a range of outstanding facilities that support the development of low-carbon heating and cooling technologies, including our solar laboratory which enables testing of both solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

Climatic Testing

Our climatic chamber can be used to test products under stresses of heating and cooling to provide information on their resistance to thermal fatigue and ability to withstand storage, transportation and operation conditions.

Vehicle Energy Facility

The Vehicle Energy Facility is a state-of-the-art research facility with unrivalled capabilities for testing and characterisation of hybrid and pure electric Powertrains, components and control systems.

Laser Micromachining

Our laser machining facility consists of two Oxford Lasers systems that are capable of drilling, cutting and milling micrometre scale features in metals, plastics, composites, wafers and diamond.

Mechanical and Electronics Workshops

Our mechanical workshop can test materials for elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and fatigue limit. The electronics workshop tests and repairs portable electrical and electronic equipment. We also design and fabricate bespoke equipment.