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Turing Fellows - Warwick Medical School

Professor Frances Griffiths

Frances’ research interests lie in AI in healthcare settings. This includes diagnostics, prognostics, health management and information sharing. Social and ethical implications require debate to ensure the public, patients and healthcare providers are prepared to accompany the innovators into this scene. Frances is undertaking case studies within healthcare to inform this debate. She continues to lead research on use of technology in healthcare with particular focus on digital communication technology.

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Dr Deepak Parashar

Deepak's research interests lie at the intersection of mathematics, statistics and cancer research. He has substantial experience of pure mathematical research at postdoctoral level. On the statistical front, his research comprises both methodological as well as applied themes. He has worked extensively on statistical data analyses of cancer clinical trials and is actively involved in developing novel biomarker-driven trial designs in oncology in the context of stratified medicine.

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