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Interviews with the Commissioners

The fourth meeting of the Warwick Commission in Delhi, October 2007

Professor Richard Higgott discusses the progress of the Commission and the areas in which the Commission will make their recommendations.

Dr Amrita Narlikar talks to us at the Delhi meeting of the Warwick Commission. She discusses the process of the Warwick Commission, the areas in which the Commission are making their recommendations and the implications of the report.

The second meeting of the Warwick Commission in Toronto, June 2007

Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann reflects on the Toronto meeting of the Warwick Commission and discusses recent geopolitical changes that have impacted on the multilateral trading system.

Dr Mills Soko discusses the challenges for Least Developed Countries in the multilateral trading system.
Professor Richard Higgott, Director of the Warwick Commission, discusses the Commission's progress in Toronto and the future work schedule.

The first meeting of the Warwick Commission, February 2007

The Honourable Pierre Pettigrew explains why the Doha round is struggling and the limitations and challenges affecting the progress of the WTO negotiations.

Professor Brigitte Young discusses the need to establish equity in trade and how to progress the Doha negotiations.
Dr Patrick Low discusses the function of the WTO and the challenges facing the Warwick Commission in resolving the issues surrounding world trade.
Mr Pradeep Mehta discusses the challenges facing the Doha round particularly relating to agriculture and developing countries.

Dr Heribert Dieter discusses the problems that the WTO faces during the Doha round and what the Commission hopes to achieve.

Professor Richard Higgott explains the background to the Warwick Commission and some of the issues surrounding the world trade system.

Professor Jeffrey L. Dunoff discusses the relationship between the law and international trade.

Professor Ann Capling discusses some of the challenges facing the world trade system.