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Warwick ID Card Collection

Your Warwick ID Card will be issued on arrival at Warwick. If you are a distance learning student you will not receive your Warwick ID Card until you travel to Warwick. When and where you will be able to collect your Warwick ID Card depends on your course start date and whether you are living on or off campus. Please check which of the scenarios below applies to your circumstances.

When collecting your card, you will be required to show proof of your identity (e.g. your passport, driving licence, national identity card, etc) including your full name and photograph, for verification purposes.

My course started before 1 August 2022:

Please visit the Student Services Team in Senate House who will be able to issue your ID card. Please make sure that you have uploaded a photo in advance via opens in a new window, and make sure to take ID (e.g. driving license or passport) with you when collecting your Warwick ID card.

I am going to be living on-campus:

If you are going to be living in on-campus accommodation, as long as you have uploaded a photo in advance, we will pair your Warwick ID Card up with your accommodation key so you receive them at the same time. Please follow the arrival instructions provided by Warwick Accommodation.

If for any reason you do not receive your Warwick ID Card when you collect your key, please go to Student Services, Senate House. Ensure you have uploaded a photo before visiting.

I am going to be living off-campus:

If you are going to be living off-campus (even if this is in University-managed accommodation) you will be able to collect your ID card in one of two ways:

  • If you are studying one of the following courses, your ID card will be collected by your department and issued to you at your first face-to-face teaching session:
    • 6-week Pre-Sessional English students starting their course on Monday 8 August 2022
    • PGCE students
    • MBChB students (except those living on campus)
    • Executive MBA students
    • Postgraduate WMG Degree Apprenticeship students
  • If you are not studying a course listed above, you will be able to collect your ID card from Senate House on arrival.

If you have previously studied at Warwick or have extended your studies, and still have your previous ID card, please bring and continue to use this initially for building access, etc. Your previous card will continue to work with all of the relevant access for your new course. We kindly ask that you then request your new Warwick ID Card from Student Services, Senate House, a few weeks into term, when they will be quieter, to help us to minimise queues.

My course is not delivered at the main Warwick campus/I am a distance learning student:

As standard, ID cards are not issued for students not attending the main Warwick campus. If you need to prove student status, you can request a Certificate of Status.

If you are a DLMBA student, your ID card will be issued to you during your Warwick Week.

If you are a WBS student studying at The Shard, your ID card will be issued during your course induction, at The Shard.