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Re-enrolment FAQs & Contact Us

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Re-enrolment Questions

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Re-enrolment Answers

Why do I have to re-enrol?

Students are required to re-enrol annually. If you do not re-enrol you will no longer be treated as a student of the University and your student rights (such as library and IT access) will be revoked. The re-enrolment process also ensures that you agree, for up to a further twelve month period, to abide by the Regulations and Ordinances of the University - something which is legally required of all students.

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How do I re-enrol?

You will receive a personalised email to your Warwick email address informing you that Course Registration is open for you. This is done on an individual basis and therefore Course Registration may not open at the same time for your housemates or course mates. When you receive this email:

  • Sign into Student Records Online using your IT username and password
  • Click on 'My Data' which takes you to the re-enrolment pages

Before this, you will simply see the usual 'My Data' pages.

The online form gives you the opportunity to update your personal details before re-enrolling. Please ensure you check each section carefully, although all students can now update some of this information throughout the year via Student Records Online. Once you are happy that all the data is correct, click the ‘confirm details’ button.

Please also ensure that your fees are paid and if you are an international student that you undertake any required passport and visa checks.
Click here for the online User's Guide to the re-enrolment system (PDF Document)

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What if I'm taking a year abroad?

Students who, in the 2019/20 academic year, will be taking an intercalated year, year abroad or non-mandatory year away from their studies are also required to re-enrol online. Please check your Warwick email address regularly for instructions about re-enrolment if you are taking a year abroad. If you do not know how to access your Warwick email address, please contact IT Service Desk on +44 (0)24 7657 3737.

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I need some assistance with the re-enrolment form - who should I contact?

Please contact the Enrolment Team via this online enquiry form.

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I'm finishing my course soon, do I need to enrol?

As you are now studying in the 19/20 academic year you need to enrol to sign up to observe the University’s Charters, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations for the current year. The whole process won’t take you very long and if you’re not due to pay fees you won’t be charged.

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I'm changing my course of study, do I still need to enrol?

Please continue to complete your course registration on your original course as it is the same process regardless of what course you study. Your registration can be moved across to your new course so you won't need to enrol again.

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Student Finance Answers

When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive an invoice for your tuition fees via email before your course commences.

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I have received an invoice via email for my tuition fee for 2019/20 but this will be paid by my sponsor as it was last year

This is a pro forma invoice and is not attached to a charge, it was sent as it forms part of the Welcome Back email.

An invoice for your tuition fee will be sent to the same sponsor as last year, details of which can be seen via the Student sponsors link on the Finance section when you log into Student Records Online.

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Who should I contact if I have a finance query that is not covered on the website or in the FAQs?

Please refer to the Student Finance FAQs and if this doesn't answer your query contact the Student Finance Team.

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Accommodation Answers

How do I pay for accommodation?

You will not receive an invoice for your accommodation fees. If you will be residing in off-campus accommodation let through Warwick Accommodation, you will receive details of your termly payments when you collect your keys. If you pay by Direct Debit the amount to be taken will be confirmed in writing and by email each term ten working days prior to collection.

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How can I find out further information about accommodation?
Please visit the Accommodation website for further information at

Your Personal Details Answers

My name has changed. How do I let you know?

Please send a copy of either your birth/marriage certificate, deed poll, driving license or passport to studentrecords at warwick dot ac dot uk quoting your student number. Alternatively you can visit Student Reception on the ground floor of Senate House. You will need to provide one of the above mentioned documents. Changes to names cannot be made without the University first seeing some documents as proof of the change.

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I've moved house and want to inform you of the new address. How do I do this?

Sign into Student Records Online. From here you can enter a new permanent home address or a new local/term-time address.

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