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Student Information Systems

Responses to Support Calls : November 2019

Student Information Systems are currently receiving an unexpected and unprecedented number of support calls. This is leading to significant delays responding to and/or resolving a large number of support calls.

If you are raising a new support call with Student Information Systems or have an existing open request it would be helpful if you could:

  • Consider whether your support is urgent at this time.
  • Add detail to your support call to assist Student Information Systems. Of particular help are:
    • Which system does your support call relate to (if known)
    • Screenshots/URL links demonstrating any issues the support call relates to.
    • Details of what, if any, immediate and direct impact on students would occur if answering your support call is delayed
    • Details of what, if any, immediate and direct impact of core operation of the University would occur should resolving your support call be delayed.

We’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we work through our backlog of requests for assistance.

Roger Allinson-French (Head of Student Information Systems) 8th November 2019

Student Information Systems (formerly SITS Application Management) is responsible for application management, configuration, support, training, access control & management, incident diagnosis & resolution and administration of the University corporate student records system SITS:Vision and its web front end SITS:eVision (Student Records Online) and a number of related systems.

Student Information Systems works closely with IT Services, the SPI team, academic departments and teams across the Academic Registrar’s Office and other professional support services to develop and enhance all aspects of the SITS student records system and its use within the University.

Student Information Systems is responsible for supplier management working closely with and managing the University relationship with the supplier of SITS, Tribal. This includes working with Tribal and other institutions across the sector to steer continual system development to meet the changing needs of the University both in response to change of internal requirements and externally driven change.

Student Information Systems works closely with the SPI team to manage and coordinate business process enhancements related to SITS and oversees processes for planning, prioritising, managing and implementing non business process enhancement and other associated work related to SITS.

Enquiries in relation to the student records system should be directed to:

Feedback, Complaints and Compliments

We would welcome your feedback about Student Information Systems or any other part of the Academic Office by email or via our webform Academic Office Feedback Form