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Upgrade Information - Further Details

The live (PROD) Student Records service will be unavailable between 17:00 on Tuesday 21st May 2019 and 17:00 on Thursday 23rd May 2019 while the system is upgraded.

Please note that a "read only" (ROSA) version of the live SITS:Vision application will be available to staff. The "read only" application will contain a full snapshot of data within the live (PROD) application as at 17:00 on Tuesday 15th 21st May. More information on how to access the Read Only version.

Every effort will be made to return service as soon as possible.

During the time that the live service (PROD) is unavailable, there will be:-

  • No staff update access to the live SITS:Vision application (although a Read Only version will be provided)
  • No direct access to the live SITS:Vision database
  • No online connectivity by staff or students via the eVision portal
  • No access to other online student services which access the Student Records Database (for example Module Registration Manager and Exams Office online reports)
    • Note that the "Exam Management" application (which covers online Exam Timetables) will be available from 19:00 Tuesday 21st May as it will be redirected to look at the Read Only environment during the outage
  • No access to Student Records data from Personal Lecture Timetables MSAccess application. This may have the affect of delaying the display of updates to data within a student’s Personal Lecture Time Table
  • Other processes which will be interrupted include the PG/Admissions connection to SITS
  • Exports or imports to the Student Records Database from either internal or external databases, such as UCAS, will be suspended for the duration of this downtime

Once returned to service staff on managed desktops will need to download/install PROD client from the Software Centre.

How to access the Read Only copy of SITS

From approximately 19:00 on Tuesday 21st May, a "read only" copy of the live service (PROD) will be available, called ROSA (Read Only SITS Application). The "read only" application will contain a full snapshot of data within the live (PROD) application as at 17:00. Please note that any data updates to PROD made after 17:00 (e.g. online payments made by students) will not be visible within ROSA.

Staff on managed desktops will need to download/install the ROSA client from the Software Centre.

The application will also be delivered via the Remote Desktop service, plus departments who use a local SITS client will have a ROSA client made available to them.

As the name says, ROSA is intended as a read only copy of SITS. It may be possible to update some data in this instance through use of process screens. However, there will be no reconciliation of data from ROSA to PROD following the upgrade, so any changes that are made to ROSA will be lost following the upgrade.

Access to the ROSA download, logins and passwords and level of access will be same as for SITS:PROD. Access to ROSA will be removed shortly after PROD becomes available.

Please contact the Student Information Systems team on in the Academic Registrar’s Office if you have further questions regarding access to the Read Only environment.