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Assessment & Feedback

Use technologies to diversify assessment methods
Embed assessment into teaching and streamline marking and feedback
Support for designing and delivering a diverse range of assessment activities.


  • assess learners' skills in multiple ways
  • provide authentic assessment options such as typed exam answers
  • design and deliver engaging assessments, both formative and summative
  • manage questions and exams in scaleable and secure ways
  • handle academic integrity issues such as plagiarism
  • manage marking workflows
  • provide timely and useful feedback

Assessment and Feedback Tools at Warwick

A broad range of tools are available at Warwick to deliver a diversity of assessments. Learn more about the principles of design, methods and diversification of assessment visit the Academic Development Centre assessment guidance.

  • Deliver formative and summative online exams, tests and self-assessments
    • Question Mark Perception
    • Moodle Quiz and H5P
  • Deliver summative and formative assignments
    • Tabula Coursework Management
    • Moodle Assignment
      • Files
      • Video and audio (using eStream)
      • ePortfolio submissions (using Mahara)
  • Ensure academic integrity
    • Turnitin source-matching integrated in to Tabula and Moodle Assignments
  • Assess portfolios and reflective skills
    • Mahara ePortfolio
  • Deliver peer assessment, marking and review
    • Moodle Workshop
  • Assess programming and mathematical skills
    • MoodleX CodeRunner and Stack Quiz plugins
  • Grade and provide feedback to students
    • Tabula
    • Moodle files and audio feedback
  • Monitor completion and limit students access based on progression
    • Moodle Activity Completion, Restrict Access and Reports

Example Recipes - How technologies can be used to enhance your teaching.

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