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Share pages and collections

An eportfolio is most useful when shared with other people, whether this is a tutor, a prospective employer, or groups of people working together.

This guide explains how to share your portfolio safely.

Always 'share with care'. Check what information you are sharing and with whom. Use expiry dates and avoid sharing too much personal data.

Manage access

There are two options when sharing:

  • Share with others at Warwick i.e. Mahara users such as coursemates, module leaders, and groups.
  • Create secret URLs i.e. a link to the collection that can be shared using email or (very carefully) social media. Secret URLs give anyone with the link access to the collection or page.
A portfolio that has not been shared will show the locked icon. Portfolios shared via URL or directly have an unlocked padlock icon and will have 2 links, a Secret URL link and the Manage access links which open the edit access screen.

Secret URLs

Secret URLs are useful when you need to share with a large group of people (for example when sharing a portfolio template to a large cohort of students) or with someone who is external to Warwick.

  1. Click on the main menu icon, expand theCreatesection, and select Pages and Collections, or click on Create on the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the padlock on the page or collection that you want to share.
  3. Click Manage access on the dropdown.
  4. The title of the page appears at the top of the window. If this is part of a collection, permissions will apply to the entire collection.
  5. Click on + New secret URL to create a link that can be shared by email etc.
  6. Click on the pages icon to copy the link to your clipboard where you can then paste it into an email or document.
  7. Click on the pencil icon to open the calendar options to set a start and end date between which the secret URL will allow anyone who has it to access the item. Once the end date is reached, access will be removed automatically.
  8. Click on the bin icon to delete the secret URL. Access using this link will stop immediately.

Share with others

  1. Select an option using the Share with dropdown box. Common options are to
    • Share with specific Warwick Users by searching for their name.
    • Share with Friends via the General groups - we strongly recommend not using 'Public'.
    • Share with a group that you own (or are a member of) from the list at the bottom of the menu.
  2. Give the person a role. This is usually left as No special role, but there is an option to set someone as a Peer reviewer and they can then access and leave a review on the shared item (if the peer review block has been added).
  3. Set a date and time between which the shared item will be available. Select a start date in From (you can choose 'now'), and an end date in To.

The portfolio will be added to the sharers Shared by me, and the recipients Shared with me sections, and a notification of sharing will be sent.

Advanced Options

Sharing a collection with a group can be a very useful way of creating a standard template that other people can use as a starting point for their own work (e.g. when an assignment is set by a tutor who would like all students to follow a certain basic format).

In order to allow students to copy a collection into their own portfolio, the Allow Copying option under Advanced options must be set to Yes.

Options available under Advanced include:

  • Allow users to leave comments. This is a useful way to get feedback on work created within a shared portfolio.
  • Only make comments visible after being moderated by the portfolio administrator.
  • Allow the portfolio to be copied as a new item into someone's personal pages and collections space.
  • Force a specific start and end date for access that cannot be overridden by other settings.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 20.04 and was last updated August 2020.


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