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Audience response & polling

Student engagement in every lecture
Immediate feedback for teachers and students
Personal response systems enable responsive teaching, peer learning and active learning in large-group teaching.


By creating a set of questions to ask during a lecture a PRS enables individual students to respond to questions and make contributions, anonymously or not, even in large classes. Students can respond via their phone, tablet or laptop. Responses can be track live, and displayed to the class when ready.

  • Gauge and strengthen understanding while identifying gaps in knowledge
  • Address misconceptions and identify threshold concepts
  • Promote an active learning environment and peer learning
  • Encourage student engagement via anonymous participation
  • Give and receive instant feedback from students
  • Engage with large cohorts, offering responsive teaching

Audience response & polling systems at Warwick


Vevox is primarily a browser-based tool, through which we can pose questions in lectures, get real-time feedback and run surveys.

  • Add slides to existing PowerPoint presentations (Windows, Poll question)
  • Use Polling and Q&A question types to get overview of class understanding
  • Keep track of responses live and give imediate feedback
  • Control when, or if, responses are displayed to class (?)
  • Browser based participation means more ways for students to participate

Example Recipes - How PRS can be used to enhance your teaching.

Recipe description 1