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Monash Warwick Alliance Education Project (Alliance TEL)

This page details past work and remains available as an archive. For information on the current status of this work, please contact academictech at warwick dot ac dot uk.

alliance One World. Two Universities. Infinite Opportunities

The Alliance Education Strategy exists to bring together the best of teaching and learning activities and resources from Monash and Warwick in order to ‘enhance the proficiency and vision of our graduates in becoming active and connected citizens in a globalised world’.

The Academic Technology team is currently supporting a number of specific TEL projects which are intended to help the Education Strategy to achieve this aim. These include building a repository of shared learning objects, our new Blackboard Collaborate web-conferencing service and developing video resources.

At present the standard practice for academics at Warwick is to co-operate in the definition of courses (to ensure that a curriculum is coherent) but to prepare their teaching materials individually – either in constructing lectures or other teaching events, or in constructing Moodle module spaces for their students to access as part of their course.

The Monash Warwick Alliance (MWA) gives both institutions the opportunity to experiment with different – more collaborative - models of course development, extending the co-operative working to the preparation of teaching materials.

Within the MWA a pilot activity based around the teaching of French is currently underway, making use of an existing Equella repository at Monash. This pilot is essentially a process pilot allowing a small number of academics to create and access a shared collection of learning assets. The initial set of learning assets has been gathered from existing course websites at Warwick and at Monash, and is being supplemented with additional assets developed at each institution. In addition the academics want to be able to create larger compound teaching objects (assembled from the collection of learning assets) to teach topics of joint interest. They are currently getting assistance and support in this creation process. The assets and the compound objects are intended to be initially available to academics at each institution so that they can draw on them as they create course materials for use locally.

These assets will held in a DSpace Repository at Warwick linked to an Equella Repository at Monash, allowing academics to access resources developed at either institution.

For more information, contact: Ross Mackenzie

Monash Warwick Alliance Masterclasses

Alliance Masterclasses

An initiative of the Monash Warwick Alliance Education Strategy, the Alliance Masterclasses project aims to create engaging video content with accompanying e-learning objects to address three cross-cutting themes:

  • Global employability: delivering practical and relevant advice to Monash and Warwick students on employability in a global context.
  • Research-led teaching: linking research strengths to student learning
  • Global sustainability: translating the impact of research being conducted and completed through the Alliance

Each Masterclass will focus on an area of research or academic study that undergraduate students may not be familiar with, and give them an insight into that subject which may encourage them to investigate further. They may also be used to promote the original work of the two institutions.

Click here to access Monash Warwick Masterclasses

For more information contact: Ross Mackenzie