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Creativity and Innovation

This Masterclass is all about creativity and innovation. What do they mean? Why are they important? Are they skills we can develop? Find out more below.

Creativity and Innovation
Watch this video in which Geoff Malleck, visiting Teaching Fellow from the University of
Waterloo, Canada, discusses the links between enterprise and creativity.

 geoff 2

Geoff Malleck

Geoff’s primary focus is exploring the principles and conditions that drive the ‘Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship’ Continuum and the relationship with economic prosperity and culture.

In addition to introducing entrepreneurship in class Geoff works on personal and professional development and individual brand building.

Geoff is a founding director of the Research Entrepreneurs Advancing Prosperity (, a unique and truly innovative program. Geoff is also a key driver in the development of Waterloo’s sixth pillar in Entrepreneurship.

Find out more about Geoff and his visit to Warwick as an International Teaching Fellow here


The Importance of Enterprise in the Sciences

Science, innovation, entrepreneurship and education will be the key drivers of prosperity into the future. The positive impact of science will continue to grow provided we ensure support for science education, science friendly policies and a scientific culture that supports engagement and innovation. Dr Rowan Brookes designs, implements and delivers innovative science programs with heart. Rowan currently works in the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University, where she is the Course Director of the Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges and Director of Education.Science, innovation, entrepreneurship and education will be the key drivers of prosperity into the future.

Top Tips for Entreprenuers

Filmed at the 'Enterprise at Warwick' event on 18 November 2015. We asked staff, alumni and mentors what advice they would give to budding entreprenuers

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