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Global Employability

This Masterclass is all about Global Employability. What does it mean? Why is it important? Find out more below.

Global Employability
Watch this video in which Gill Frigerio,from the Centre for Lifelong Learning tells us what
Global Employability means to her.

How the Serendipitous Nature of Life Can Help Us Find Our Purpose

Helena Fern talks about the role of serendipity in determining your path in working life. In a world where we are all striving to work out what our master plan is, Helena explores how the notion of serendipity - something good that comes along by surprise – can help you explore your values and help you strive for purpose beyond the pressures of academic performance and career success. Helena is Program Manager of the Green Steps program, an international student sustainability leadership program run through the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, which focuses on shaping thinking about how to transition to a more sustainable world.


Three Life Lessons on Employability from a Young Person

Monash University Graduate, Laura John shares her three life lessons for promoting global employability. Using humour, anecdotes and her personal experiences, Laura provides practical tips for students wishing to build careers across borders. Laura is a youth advocate and former Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations. Laura has previously worked with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Human Rights First in New York. She was a rapporteur for the 2nd UNESCO Conference on Global Citizenship Education in Paris, and a panellist at the World Education Forum in South Korea. Laura currently works as a lawyer and was awarded the 2015 Graduate of the Year.

How to find fulfilment, no matter where you find yourself

Jen Sharpe shares insights into the skills and attributes she thinks are important in not only finding a job anywhere in the world, but also to determine a career that will make you fulfilled and happy Рwherever you are. Jen is founder and Director of the PR agency, Think HQ. She is dedicated to projects of substance and works closely with NFP, philanthropic and government and Corporate and Social Responsibility clients. Jen started her career as a writer and then associate publisher, before moving on to broker corporate partnerships for a NFP. She then became General Manager in one of Australia’s biggest PR agencies. Jen has been running Think HQ for 5.5 years with an amazing portfolio of clients, and she loves what she does.

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