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How Things Get to You

Have you ever stopped to think about how the products and services you use every day actually get to you? What goes on behind the scenes? What processes are involved?

How Things Get to You
The definition of value chain by Michael Porter adopted a process orientated approach.
He identified the core value chain activities of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics,
marketing and sales, and service. Furthermore, he classified procurement, technology
development, human resource management and firm infrastructure as support activities.
Whatever terminology you favour the idea that a set of interconnecting processes are involved
in getting a product from a concept into the hands of the consumer or end user is fundamental.

Importance of supply chains to industrial strategy

The supply chain is the blood that pumps the heart in our economic system. It is such an important part of our economy.
Chuka Umunna is a British Labour politician who has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Streatham since 2010 and was Shadow Business Secretary from 2011 to 2015.
In the video Chuka recognises the importance of manufacturing and the broader supply chain to the UK economy. With an economy overly dependent on consumption, cheap money and house price inflation it is time for change. He calls for a more balanced economy with less reliance on the South East, and greater emphasis on exports.


Visualising the Supply Chain

The connectivity between Supply Chains usually stays invisible to us. This invisibility has caused the Supply Chain Research Group at WMG to think creatively to interpret the data in a different way…
Unfold, an artistic organisation, was commissioned to help demonstrate supply chain relationships and real world perceptions in a more tangible and exciting way… The result was the LINK.
LINK features Supply Chain data from two globally active companies CHEP and Altro Flooring. The artwork physically demonstrates the links and complex layers these two companies have within their Supply Chains.

Pangea Poetry: If It's Broke

Pangea Poetry are a group of spoken word artists from around the world who use Digital Technology to bring poetry to more people.

In the above video a poet shares his point of view on how supply chains impact different industries and everyday lives.

Pangea Poetry: Whose World?

In this poem by Pangaea Poetry, we are challenged to think about the role that we individually play within the world. How the purchasing decisions that we make, drive the supply chain.

Find out more about Pangea Poetry here

Sign up for the free online course through FutureLearn and explore the invisible world of Supply Chains

This invisible world of supply chains is important, as it helps us to ensure that we get things in the most efficient and effective way. If this does not happen there can be dramatic consequences - imagine a world without water, food, medicine, education, buildings, roads or planes.
This free online course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the supply chain by applying the core concepts and principles in relation to everyday things. Topics include:
• Just the tip of the iceberg: what is the supply chain?
• The global orchestra: balancing supply and demand
• Shop till you drop: purchasing and procurement in context
• Factory of the future: changing nature of manufacturing
• I like to move it, move it: logistics in context
• Closing the loop: meeting the challenges of a more circular economy

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