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Minimal Module Specification

This page details past work and remains available as an archive. For information on the current status of this work, please contact academictech at warwick dot ac dot uk.

In Summer 2014 we benefitted from the Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme funding Kritz Yeoh (MORSE student) to carry out a module audit project.

Kritz's project identified the quality of module information and content provided to registered students. He designed a classification system, audited nearly 800 module webpages during August, and provided analysis and recommendations.

It was key that this project brought a fresh student perspective to the question of module information provision, so the intern was not steered towards any particular conclusions.

The report recommends that the University should set a minimal module specification and that to enable that, every module should have a VLE presence.

We will be pursuing these recommendations during academic year 2014/15. Please email academictech at warwick dot ac dot uk if you would like to know more.

Downloadable Files

(PDF Document) Report

(Excel Spreadsheet) Dataset

(Powerpoint Presentation) Presentation slides

slide summary of recommendations