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Personal Response Systems Next Steps

This page details past work and remains available as an archive. For information on the current status of this work, please contact academictech at warwick dot ac dot uk.

A Personal Response System (PRS) allows members of an audience (for example students in a lecture) to send responses and messages to the presenter on stage. This may take the form of unprompted text feedback, or it may be in response to questions posed by presenter. Typically, the presenter poses a question that appears on the big screen at the front, and all audience members respond with their answers - often, buy not necessarily, multiple choice. There are many variations of this. At Warwick we have for many years provided the Turning Technologies Responseware system, allowing audience members to respond using their phones, tablets or computers. We also have sets of hardware clickers that can be borrowed when that mechanism is more appropriate.

PRS systems are becoming ever-more sophisticated and widespread. There are many variations on the model, providing different sets of features. PRS is evolving into more feature rich Classroom Learning Environments (CLEs). This investigation is looking forwards over the next three years to consider what kinds of systems we should be providing, and how we might make the most of what we provide.

Project actions

1. Review current usage of ResponseWare.

2. Investigate staff and student relations to ResponseWare and other PRS tools, including reasons for adoption, continuation and rejection.

3. Consider alternatives.