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#17 - Design an e-portfolio activity that gets students to reflect and plan

  1. Students find it hard to reflect without guidance.
  2. Providing just enough scaffolding is essential, you can achieve this with a template.
  3. As the students get better at reflecting, let them do it without a template.
Solution overview

You could create a template page or collection in MyPortfolio, to prompt students to reflect on their own skills and employability development. This could include directing the students to male a task list (a "plan" in MyPortfolio). The students make their own copies of your template and complete the contents, guided by the structure you have completed.

  1. Follow the links to information and support for MyPortfolio in the tools section below.
  2. Work with students and colleagues to develop a template for the portfolio, ensuring that the tasks that you expect the students to complete are achievable, relevant, meaningful and prompt reflection effectively - break down the tasks into "scaffolded" sections, so that students aren't faced with a completely blank page, but don't over-structure and over-determine the responses from the students.
  3. Perhaps use a standard format repeatedly for reflective tasks throughout a module or beyond.
  4. Create a copy of your template and create sample content to test it out - do this with students if possible.
  5. Share the template with your students (see the MyPortfolio support pages).
  6. Show your students how to create their own copy of the template and how to use it.