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#27 - Make your own radio programme as an audio podcast

  1. Use face-to-face teaching time more effectively and efficiently.
  2. Students like to listen to audio recordings as they do other simple tasks (ironing, cooking, exercise) and while travelling (on the bus, driving).
  3. The format brings the personal voice into focus, and encourages students to appreciate good speaking.
Solution overview

This is a great, simple, uncomplicated way to replace face to face lectures, or to provide additional coverage of a topic. You might, for example, create a podcast as an interview - perhaps get your students to interview you, or another expert. You can record podcasts into a mobile phone, tablet or a computer equipped with a microphone and audio editing software such as Audacity.

  1. Develop a script, or a good plan to which you can improvise.
  2. Rehearse and test it out with friends.
  3. Find a space with good sound properties - quiet, and not too echoing or harsh.
  4. Learn how to make audio recordings with your phone, and how to export them to your computer (or directly to eStream).
  5. If you need to edit, the free Audacity software is ideal (PC or Mac).