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#3 - Capture and share student work live with Solstice

  1. You might want students to create text, drawings, notes etc. on paper during a session, and then present and discuss their work with the whole class.
  2. With even medium sized groups this can be difficult.
Solution overview

Solstice wireless projection offers a simple way to show stills, or even videos, of student work onto the main screen of the lecture theatre. Get students to work on paper or whiteboards, individually or in teams. Then use your phone or tablet, connected via Solstice, to photograph and display their work on the main screen. You can annotate it, or compare multiple photos on the screen at the same time.

  1. Most of our IT Services managed teaching rooms have the Solstice system installed. You should be able to switch the rooms projector to show it using a button on the lectern control panel.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to get the app installed and connect your tablet. You will see a unique code on the screen, allowing you to connect to Solstice in the room. The code changes occasionally, for security reasons. If you need to reconnect, check to see if the code has changed.
  3. Choose screen sharing to share your whole screen, or send a video or image file. You can control what gets displayed on the screen. Up to four devices may be connected at a time (or 2 if they are Apple devices).
  4. You can take a photo or video on your device and beam it onto the screen.