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#49 - Provide session notes in advance to enable annotation

  1. Students are often inactive in lectures, or focussing too much on taking notes when they should be listening and thinking.
  2. Students may also need guidance on how to respond to lecture content, how to make notes and what to focus on.
  3. This technique both relieves the pressure of note taking, and gives just enough structure to guide the students.
Solution overview

If you share your lecture slides or notes with the students in advance, they can download a copy onto their own computers or tablets, and annotate as they follow. PDF is the ideal format for this (you can export Microsoft Office and Apple Keynote files as PDF format). Students who use tablets (Android or iPad) can use a stylus to add annotations. You can also leave blank slides, or slides with prompting questions, for the students to complete as activities during the lecture.

  1. Begin with your presentation slides, and consider how you might modify them to scaffold student learning. For example, add in blank pages where you think the students should write their own response to an idea.
  2. Export your slides as a PDF file.
  3. Share the file before the lecture, using Moodle, Teams or some other system.