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#62 - Give feedback in audio format

  1. Students skim through written feedback looking for keywords, often misled by confirmation bias.
  2. It can be hard to get a personal touch into written feedback, we miss the emphasis possible with voice.
  3. Using a mic and PDF editing software we can record audio feedback and add it to students' work.
Solution overview

Whereas there is a possibility that students will only superficially scan through text based feedback, distracted by confirmation bias, if you give feedback in audio form, they tend to listen to the whole message. Audio feedback can seem more personal as well. You might add the audio recording as an additional file, or you can add audio feedback directly into some types of document. PDF editing apps often support this. Audio recording tools vary between platforms and devices.

  1. There are lots of technical variations possible, depending upon what equipment you have available.
  2. Importantly, you should find somewhere quiet and with good sound properties to do you recording (soft furnished rooms are much better than typical academic offices).