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About Echo360


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What is Echo360?

Echo360 is the lecture capture (or lecture recording) platform used at Warwick.

Rather than simply watching recordings, Echo360 enables you to actively engage with video content. You can also store and organise your own videos, e.g. for assignments.

Here is an outline of some key features of Echo360:

  • Easy access via Moodle
  • Enhanced note-taking and bookmarking
  • Anonymously flag content as confusing to your tutor
  • Video assignments can be submitted directly via Moodle

Video introduction

Take a look at this introductory Echo360 video to see it for yourself.

General information for students


The benefits

Lecture capture is extremely popular with students at The University of Warwick. It can enable you to:

  • Review content at your own pace, in your own time
  • Revise for exams and other assessment
  • Access digital accessibility features, such as transcripts
  • Enhance your note-taking
  • Catch up if you were unable to miss a class

How to get the most out of lecture capture

Imperial College London have some great advice on using lecture recordings which we would encourage students at Warwick to read.

You might find this particularly beneficial at the start of term, to help you develop good study practices.

What next?

Please review our other Echo360 student guides for advice on getting started.