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Echo360 student guides


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Echo360 is the lecture capture (or lecture recording) platform used at Warwick.

You can watch recorded lectures and engage with video content through the use of Echo360's interactive classroom tools.
You can also store and organise your own videos, e.g. for assignments.

Students do not require an Echo360 account.


This collection of Echo360 guides has been carefully curated with the Warwick student community in mind. We hope you find it helpful.

Getting started

About Echo360

A brief overview of Echo360. Find out how it can be used to support learning and teaching at Warwick.

View your lecture recordings

Lecture recordings are uploaded directly to Echo360, and can be accessed via Moodle.

The media library

The media library is your own personal video storage space for study-related content, e.g. video assignments.

Interacting with video content

Echo360's classroom tools facilitate deeper engagement and interaction with course content.
Find out more about how to take notes, build your own study guide, view transcripts, and anonymously flag confusing content to your tutor.

Lecture capture availability

Why aren't all of my lectures recorded?

Tutors must consent to their lectures being recorded. If your tutor has not provided their consent, then their lectures cannot be recorded. This decision is made at the tutor's discretion.

As a result of this policy, some of your modules might have their lectures recorded, whilst others might not.

My tutor hasn't signed up for lecture capture. Is there anything I can do to change this?

We would recommend you start by talking to your tutor to see if they wouldn't mind having their lectures recorded. Explain how you (and others) would find it helpful.

The Warwick Student Union are currently running a campaign to extend the use of lecture capture across the University. Find out how you can show your support.

Further guidance and support

We hope you found what you were looking for in these guides, but if not please rest assured help is still at hand.

In the first instance please speak with your academic tutor or course leader, who will be able to provide appropriate guidance and resolve basic issues.

Echo360 site

The Echo360 help site offers detailed guidance on a wide range of features.