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Padlet student guides

Padlet is best described as an online noticeboard or digital canvas.

Padlet is typically used to facilitate collaborative activities with your classmates, however it can also support independent study.
You can contribute to padlets created by others, or create your own.


This collection of Padlet guides has been carefully curated with the Warwick student community in mind. We hope you find it helpful.

Getting started

About Padlet

A brief overview of Padlet. Find out how it can be used to support learning and teaching at Warwick.

Logging in to Padlet

Warwick has an institutional Padlet licence, so you can access additional features compared to the free version.

Join a padlet

To join someone else's padlet you will usually need the web link, QR code, or an email invitation.

If you're using padlet for a class activity and you don't have access, please ask your tutor.

Creating and sharing

Add a post to a padlet

Once the padlet has been created, you can start adding a range of content.

Create your own padlet

Unleash your creativity!

Please log in using the Warwick institutional licence to start creating your own padlets.

Share your padlet

Sharing your padlet with others is simple. Just be sure to check your visitor permissions and privacy settings in the 'Share' menu first.

General information

Importing Padlets from another account

If you have previously created padlets using a free account, you can import them into your Warwick account.

More information about importing padlets is available in this article by Padlet.

The Padlet app

The Padlet app is available to download in most app stores.

Please see Warwick's student guide on the Padlet app for details.

Supported languages

Padlet has an international community of users and is available in many languages.

More information about supported languages is available in this article by Padlet.

Further guidance and support

We hope you found what you were looking for in these guides, but if not please rest assured help is still at hand.

In the first instance please speak with your academic tutor or course leader, who will be able to provide appropriate guidance and resolve basic issues.

Padlet site

The Padlet help site offers detailed guidance on a wide range of features.

The Padlet blog is also a helpful source of information for those looking to keep up to date with new and improved features to the platform.